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k-mart employees was surprised by the line. >> when i came in there was a line around the block. it was crazy. >> reporter: they were drawn by deals, such as this tv for $97. there were limited quantities and the shelf is bare by mid-morning. k-mart has opening on thanksgiving but they are kicking off black friday early. they are reopening at 8:00. a fast thanksgiving dinner and back to work. the sacrifice isn't lost on shoppers. >> i think they can enjoy dinner. majority won't eat until 6:00 or 7:00. >> barely enough time to eat and digest your dinner. online shopping is setting records for those people that can't wait. up 16% over last thanksgiving. almost 15% are using mobile devices up 10% last year. happy is the shopper who found a
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good deal. >> i found a tree that was 50 and it is 30. >> quite a savings. >> k-mart offering something free tomorrow, that is free flu shots at many locations. a shot in the arm for consumers and k-mary hopes a shot in the arm for its sales. >> carolyn: nick smith is live at walmart in san leandro where there has been some shopping backlash? >> absolutely. if you are sitting at home and time to grab your wallet and shop. >> we started early. >> it's only thursday but black friday holiday shopping has started. >> we kind of stopped in to get a sneak preview but it looks like everything is not yet opened up. >> early shoppers are willing to camp out for the best deals on
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electronics. that is part of the allure. this is big one for retailers. an economy in recovery means consumers are holding tight to their pocketbooks forcing retailers to fight harder for every dollar you spend. >> this is last minute thanksgiving thing. >> walmart is hoping they will follow the lead and head out early. they made a move that has left many people scratching their heads. they are opening their doors two hours earlier last year at time when many are still finishing dinner and watching football. >> 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving, i don't mind it for me but i feel bad for everybody working. >> he is not alone. workers at stores signed online petition asking for thanksgiving day off. there is a demonstration for what some are called a retaliation against the workers.
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>> she is here because she wants to be. we couldn't find a single employee to support it to open on thanksgiving. >> i'm walking on the street when i get off of work. >> they predict 41 million customers will shop on thanksgiving. coming up at 6:00 one difference we spotted in this parking lot at the same time last year. >> carolyn: a lot of window shopping at san francisco's union square ahead of the friday rush. police officers will be joining shoppers to keep an eye out for shoplifters. they aren't after wallets or shopping bags but they are more interested in iphones or ipads they can sell. >> many they have buds in their ear you are a ripe target to
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take something that portugalable and go resell it. >> police are asking shoppers not to tempt thieves, store the shopping bags in the trunk. >> check out before you start your black friday shopping. we've cocompiled a list of stores that are open today and you can browse the ads and get right out there tomorrow. >> carolyn: tragedy in texas on this thanksgiving, at least two people are dead and dozens injured after a massive highway pile-up. >> officials say 150 vehicles were involved in a series of crashes on interstate 10 in southeast texas. it happened in extremely dense fog and officials say high speed was probably a factor. as many as hundred people were taken to the hospital. some of them had critical injuries. the eastbound lanes are still shut down leaving travelers backed up for miles. >> carolyn: oakland police are
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looking for people that abandoned their cars after gun battle. all eastbound lanes were shut down beginning at 8:30 last night. traffic was backed up for miles. investigators say the gun battle ended with two cars crashing. they believe the shooters ran away or got rides from other drivers. thieves broke into half a dozen vehicles parked on lakeshore drive near lake merritt today. one man lost his laptop and toolbox and had to spend the holiday waiting for the insurance company. >> a california highway patrol vehicle ended up on the light rail tracks following a hit-and-run. the front of the patrol car was damaged. it happened on north first street. the dodge collided with the patrol car. driver ran away but officers chased him down. >> san jose firefighters are investigating a vicious fire at
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a hair salon inside a strip mall near brokaw, they could smell gasoline there. they believe the fire started there and spread. >> carolyn: let's talk about controversy for the niners. niners aren't saying too much about this but all eyes are pointing towards colin kaepernick. >> they are deliberately nebulous. alex smith the no contact jersey in practice. he has been cleared to play but no confirmation from the team. smith coming back from a concussion suffered almost two weeks. there is a colin. he was getting in preparation in new orleans. greg roman was asked, all right, who is starting. >> i repeat that no decision has been made. >> colin has been getting similar to what we got last week. he is getting some of the
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representatives and alex is getting some of the reps. >> for competitive reasons the 49ers don't want to announce it. >> carolyn: american troops in afghanistan are celebrating thanksgiving with food at a coalition base in the capital of kabul. they got huge hunks of turkey and collard greens. they say he misses his family but feels loved by the people of afghanistan, as well. >> we actually are loved here. nationals do care about us. it's not just here uninvited. >> carolyn: after feasting on all that food they found some energy for touch football. >> defense department sent this
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video for troops in kuwait. the dining hall was packed and also kuwaiti civilians that were invited. >> it ones be thanksgiving in san francisco without the glide memorial church dinner. >> hundreds of volunteers gave their time to make sure that thousands received a good holiday meal. >> katie marzullo was there. >> volunteers with knives of steel and hearts of gold begin carving at 6:00 a.m. at glide memorial church. they had their work cut out for them. after a tough year, she knew she wanted to help. >> i lost my job and became homeless, pondering over my life and getting it back together and being blessed to find a job and place to live. my prayers have been to be how to be grateful to you. >> she will be one that will serve 35,000 dinners.
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>> we have turkey, salad, cake and ice cream, biscuits -- you name it. >> most special is the founder, the reverend cecil williams. he greets his guests at the door and offers words of inspiration to the entire community. >> how are you doing, brother. to help people become more human. people can help if we begin to give more of ourselves. that is what we mean. giving more, giving more. >> a notion that people are thankful for on both sides of the thanksgiving table. >> just like everyone else here. i could have been standing in line today. >> reporter: its special day but here at glide they work all year long serving three hot meals a day, 364 days a year. volunteers and donations are always needed. katie marzullo, "abc 7 news."
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>> thousands of runners filled the streets of downtown streets of san jose in the turkey trot. more than 24,000 adults and 1500 kids participated including plenty of them in colorful costumes. >> it took me half an hour to get it together. >> that was thanksgiving leftovers and charity event raised $1.2 million for the second harvest food bank. harvest bank of santa clara county and runners of arizona star steven sambu won in a record time of 13 minutes, 20 seconds. do you think the leftovers were actually running or standing. it's hard when you are wrapped in aluminum foil. great day weather-wise.
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>> carolyn: spencer christian is here. >> what you should be thankful. sunny mild conditions. no clouds in the sky. no major clouds in the sky. and mild, as well. 60 degrees right now in san francisco. 65 across the bay and oakland 65. 63 in san jose, all around the bay area except for half moon bay which is 57 degrees. it's been a mild afternoon on this thanksgiving day. evening hours, cool skies, early tomorrow morning, chilly in some spots, low temperatures dropping in the 30s and few areas of patchy valley fog but by midafternoon, we'll be looking at sunny and mild conditions, milder than today with a highest temperature readings around 70 degrees. get this -- it lasts longer. i'll have the seven-day forecast a little later. still ahead at 4:00, let's go for a ride. thousands of people sent spent the holiday in the shopping for things they cannot get by.
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>> and pricy in san francisco, $640,000? what are the world's most expensive parking spaces and why somebody would pay that much for it. >> later, batteries power so many purchases from toys to remote controls. michael finney will let you know which brand tests best. >> checking your thanksgiving traffic. yuck is right. my goodness, i would have expected the freeway and everything to be cleared, downtown san francisco, everybody is going to or coming back from thanksgiving feast. lower deck the bay bridge trying to get back to the east bay. not much better heading southbound. >> it looks like a friday afternoon. >> i guess everybody is out there -- maybe they are going shopping. we'll be back
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>> carolyn: thanksgiving meant something other than turkey for many people today. for car lovers it's the opening of the oot autoshow.
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the moscone center was packed. many weren't browsing or just browsing. >> i love new cars, i love to look at them and see what is out here. kind of in the market for another new car. maybe this is the year. >> carolyn: the international auto show running through monday. 38 major manufacturers are represented. >> larry: if you thought the cost of parking in san francisco could it could be worse. hong kong executive offered to buy this space for $640,000. the spot is located in one of the world's most expensive residential buildings in hong kong district. parking is apparently quite limited. they are selling the spots and it's eight feet by 16 feet and before you ask, no, you can't live in it. >> carolyn: you would think, you
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could have a bed above it. >> imagine if we rented out the spacious weather offices. >> that is a lot of space. i've been in hong kong but space is limited. as it is in the weather office. [ laughter ] >> high definition mount tam camera, blue skies on this thanksgiving afternoon. it's loving out there and mild. here is a view and how cloud free in the skies over the bay area. we're going to have this pattern for several days. temperature readings in the 60s all across bay area except for half moon bay. these are the forecast features. it will be cold in some of the north bay valleys with patchy fog, as well. mild weather right on through the holiday weekend and chance of rain next wednesday late, but before i get to that we have lots of lovely weather. overnight, chances of patchy fog
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in interior valleys. chilly in the inland valleys and 40s over most of remainder of the bay area. satellite radar composite image, high pressure dominant feature. it will be for several days to come. jetstream is flowing well to the north. dry pattern through the holiday weekend. follow this time line, we'll see dense fog developing in the central valley and spilling through the delta. that will lead to some of the interior valleys and during the early morning hours. generally we are looking at sunny skies, as well. south bay high temperatures will be right up around 70 degrees and cupertino. on the peninsula, upper 60s to 70 at mountain view. mid-60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. 67 degrees tomorrow. 64 in the sunset district which is warmer than a summer day.
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70 in santa rosa and novato. 70 degrees at oakland and castro valley. inland east bay, highs in the upper 60s to about 70 at livermore and mild near monterey bay. low to mid-70s around watsonville. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. mild weather stays with us through saturday. we will cool down a couple degrees on sunday and monday, wednesday a few extra clouds coming in. chance of showers developing late wednesday and rain is like low thursday. we have a whole week of wonderful dry weather before the wet weather starts again. >> larry: it's so nice out. thanks, spencer. >> carolyn: kate winslet discusses her conversation with the queen. >> we will tour a new passenger jet that could make your next ride a whole lot smoother.
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>> carolyn: taking a look at traffic at bay bridge toll plaza smooth sailing if you have fastrak. you are going to pay your toll before creeping across the bridge. traffic is pretty heavy out there
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>> carolyn: certainly must have been an against, kate winslet received a top honor from queen elizabeth. it's for her contributions for the field of drama. outside the buckingham palace she was incredibly proud. she told the queen, acting is secondary to one of on her accomplishments and the queen agreed. >> i thought that was just wonderful. >> she has a daughter and a son. she starred in titanic. she dressed for the occasion in in a fitted black jacket and skirt designed by alexander mcqueen. >> there is new plane that could make your next flight a lot smoother. the boeing 787 offers better
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seating and even mood lightning. >> the plastic composite plane has finally reached domestic routes this holiday season. >> this is really generational progress. >> the dream liner is a hot seller. it's carbon fiber rather than metal gives it lighter weight allowing it to fly farther. 800 have been sold but united is the first domestic carrier. >> it's smooth and quiet. >> see what is the fuss. "good morning america" visited the boeing assembly planted and took the controls in a flight simulator in houston where pilots train to fly. >> hold it like this. beautiful. >> here is front landing. >> it was good. we're good.
4:24 pm
>> enjoying the test flight over the midwest to see for ourselves. >> the airlines are buying these because they are cheaper to fly but will sell you on comforts, there is more oxygen on the plane and cleaner and they have huge storage bins. you can fit four suitcases in here. >> the plastic body is stronger than metal so the air pressure can be kept at 6,000 feet instead of 9,000 in most jets. that translates to less jet lag and dry skin. windows are larger and can be dimmed at a touch of a finger. indirect multicolored lighting makes a calmer feeling on board. >> a new generation of plane designed to fly long and cheaper and with style. >> carolyn: still ahead the
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thanksgiving messages from president obama and the republicans. >> i'm laura anthony in danville where wild turkeys roam the streets. i'll have a live report coming up. >> larry: plus the viewer who tracked down the owners of this gold suitcase after she saw a report yesterday. >> carolyn: and president has a
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>> larry: wild turkeys, they are bag problem for some residents this thanksgiving. >> carolyn: they are destroying property, as well. laura anthony is live in danville, you saw a flock of these today? >> reporter: i'm not sure if its flock or a herd but to take center stage, we saw wild turkeys roaming the streets. they have grown in recent here in danville this is one of several neighborhoods turkeys are a way of life. according to one wildlife
4:29 pm
biologist they were first introduced into the area by a private landowner who released 20 of them for hunting. nature has taken their course and there are thousands of them. some regard them as welcome novelty and others not so much. >> they are a nuisance. they are crossing the traffic and causing problems on the roads. >> they come in the backyard and they gobble but it doesn't bother me and my family. we like them. >> citing property damage and destruction of landscaping, to obtain a permit from california fish and game to thin the herds by marks men shoot some of them. that is an option that is met with opposition from animal lovers. contra costa animal control for their part advises folks don't feed the big birds so not to
4:30 pm
attract them. beyond that, contra costa animal control says do not call them. they don't handle them wild turkey situations unless there is an immediate threat to public health or safety. those turkeys may be a nuisance in contra costa county but there is a state effort to push turkeys as pets and not food. we'll have that story coming up at 4:48. >> larry: for those prefer wild turkey in the bottle, highway patrol will be out in force monitoring traffic during one of busiest travel days of the year. they will be looking for drunk drivers and drivers talking on cellphones and also focus on seat belt safety. last year, 32 people were killed in the holiday period. two-thirds were not wearing set beats. >> carolyn: the owners of a precious wedding album was found.
4:31 pm
that wedding album was found in this suitcase on tuesday which was located near a tree in fremont. it was turned over to police that identified the wedding couple shown here in this photo. we ran the story and woman found they have tracked down the owners on facebook. >> i found there was a place for that name. i jumped on facebook where i work. and eventually dug deeper and it was the same person. >> that is the power of social media. couple live in fremont but they are in india and had no idea their wedding album was lost. president obama and republicans delivered their annual thanksgiving messages. president urged americans to put away differences that are still lingering after the election. >> thanksgiving is chance to put
4:32 pm
it all in perspective. despite our differences we are and always will be americans first and foremost. >> republicans have reached out to president obama in the hope of working totaling to help our economy grow and solve the debt. >> the president phoned ten military members and he tweeted this photo showing the first family who few years ago they enjoyed the thanksgiving dinner at the white house. turkey, ham, oyster stuffing, suite potatoes and for dessert a variety of pies, sweet potato and huckleberry pie. we have been following "good morning america" anchor robin roberts recovery from a bone marrow transplant. >> it's giving others the gift of life. >> the gift of life is so
4:33 pm
precious. it doesn't get any clearer when someone, family, friend backs bone marrow donor. when erica turner met her bone marrow donor for the first time. it moments like that as well as her own personal fight that inspired robin and she shared her thoughts with her sister. >> what do you want to come out of this? >> bigger picture is getting word out the need for bone marrow donors. >> so many of you have answered the call. since robin's announcement in june, over 56,000 people have registered online with be the, including students from her alma mater,
4:34 pm
southeastern university. >> robin, it's southeastern. >> they have been fantastic and really heeding the call. they have sent me videos of the football game and it brought tears of joy. >> we are so moved like siblings who both received life saving bone marrow transplants. >> and ann who was a match for a young japanese girl who called her to say thanks. >> we kept saying, i love you, i love you, i love you. >> carolyn: that was josh elliot reporting. for more information how you can become a donor we have a link. just go to and look under see it on tv. >> larry: still ahead. thanksgiving is not even over
4:35 pm
yet. we're already talking christmas. >> carolyn: up next, santa's big intro to a mall went very wrong. plus.... >> n.b.a. superstar taking skills to a new level thanks to a popular holiday song. >> i'm spencer christian looking eastward with the april sky. how long can this last? my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> taking a live look right now at traffic on interstate 80 in berkeley. things moving quite nicely here. normally we see a big back-up as cars make their way off the macarthur maze. everybody is moving along. we'll continue right after this.
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>> carolyn: take a look at this. actor dressed as santa claus, coming down from the ceiling. it turned into a close shave when his beard got caught. the santa was dangling above the stage. he was stuck there for half an hour until a worker managed to untangle that beard. the crowd cheered. >> larry: it went a lot better
4:39 pm
in rehearsal i think. >> larry: i can name that tune in five -- no, i can't. the league posted an early christmas present in carol of bells. also showing off special christmas day jerseys they will be wearing on december 25th, you might be able to purchase them on >> i could only use my right hand, didn't have the both hands. three pointed range, dangerous. live doppler 7-hd.
4:40 pm
no clouds in the sky. no humor in my jokes. what is going to be happening nationally. pretty dry day and much of the eastern seaboard. snow over the great lakes and into the ohio valley. up in the northwest it will be wet as often is. but much of the nation will be experiencing nice weather. mild up around eureka with a high of 60 degrees and gets milder as you push farther south 84 high in palm principles. 70 in fresno. fog left over in early morning fog that will be more widespread. 72 the high in big sur. here in the bay area, sunny skies and even milder conditions than we have today. look for highs of 65 at half moon bay. even along the coast, mild up to around 70 around the bay in fremont and oakland and low 70s in inland locations. very pleasant post thanksgiving day.
4:41 pm
that mild pattern will continue right on into the weekend. we have gorgeous weather ahead. i don't expect rain perhaps mid-week to late week next week. >> larry: you were saying, which player it was that said this years ago, how he could use both hands and he was amphibious. [ laughter ] >> i can't remember who it was. >> i'm not amphibious either. >> i do remember michael ray richardson, the shifty sinking. >> of the new york nicks. >> larry: enough trivia, president obama's, letter a girl sent to the commander in chief and personal response. >> larry: which batteries will keep your high-tech gadgets running longer.
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>> carolyn: if you see someone scratching an itch it can make you itchy, too.
4:45 pm
they asked 30 people looking at pictures of people scratching themselves and it made people feel itchy. it could pep better understand skin disorders. >> americans burn through a staggering amount of batteries per year. >> depending on the age of the kids. >> larry: michael finney show which perform the best in a new test. >> just in time for the holiday crunch. consumer reports results are in on which batteries last the longest. >> she is getting batteries as a baby shower gift. >> my friend said you don't have how much you are going to need these all the time. >> and melissa is constantly buying batteries. the batteries are biggest
4:46 pm
sellers used in flashlights and digital cameras and remote controls and toys. consumer reports tested a dozen including big names like energizer and walgreen's and cbs. they use this rack to show battery performance. the test turned up big differences. the everybody volt took 52 shots before dying. ultimate lithium the best took 682 shots. they are expensive. more than 2.50 per battery. >> the batteries cost more but they can be worth it for digital cameras. >> among alkaline batteries, duracell ultra power. >> they don't tend to last as long, they are better for
4:47 pm
flashlights and remotes. >> for families like melissa's to power toys, rechargeable batteries shall best. the state of california has very specific guidelines on recycling batteries. to check them out go to for more information on recycling all different types of brakes. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> turkey is the traditional centerpiece for thanksgiving dinner, they are making a push for saving the bird and making them pets instead. kristen sze has the story. >> could you love a face like this? suzy does. they say people should give up their thanksgiving bird and go vegan and keep turkeys as pets. >> you have one or two at home. you are giving them special attention. they follow you around.
4:48 pm
>> these birds are delicate and prone to injury. bred for the table and big breasts and unable to reproduce on their own, nothing like a wild cousins. >> they have really poor balance. >> the old line is they are so dumb when it rains they will look up the sky until they drown. animal rights activists that is a myth and that the birds are vocal and social. >> karen gives her birds a shampoo to get acquainted when to clean them up a bit. >> i couldn't believe how sweet she was. she got in high lap, the more i pet her she fell asleep. >> these birds weren't so affectionate or appreciative at first. >> why defy tradition?
4:49 pm
humans have been eating turkeys for hundreds of years. >> they are so much more horribly treated than any other animal. these birds, there are no laws to protect them and they are abused. >> if you decide to invite a turkey as a guest, vegans say there are lots of alternatives. only turkey on dawn's table is a bottle of wild turkey bourbon. >> larry: what do you think? i'm not buying the turkey as a pet. i'm not sure how it will coexist with other animals in the house. moving on. president obama has a new pen pal, a 10-year-old girl. >> she sent this letter to the president thanking him for his position on same-sex marriage and asking him to say hi to his daughters for her.
4:50 pm
>> larry: actually second letter to the president. first one invited mr. obama to dinner. students were teasing go her about her two fathers and she was asking for advice. >> the president wrote back, he suggested to remind schools about the golden rule, treating others the way you hope to be treated. he apologized to be not being able to make a dinner but said hello. >> a game of patience. >> we're not talking sports, salami making, more people are curing their own meat. that is up next. >> in the newsroom, coming up at 5:00. thanksgiving miracle story coming out of ucsf. a young man you thers two words his mother has long to hear. >> fans are sounding off what they are
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>> larry: for thousands of years people have been preserving meat. in modern times we go to the grocery store and buy it. more people want to know what is in their food. there is growing movement how to cure your own.
4:54 pm
in assignment 7 report, dan ashley takes a closer look in salami making. >> in the mission district, cured meats are hot. making it is even hotter. the chef is known for his cured meats. he helped open the sala maria. 20% of the meat was house made and it quickly sold out. >> hopefully down the road 50% and then 100%. >> it's number of growing places making and selling their own cured meats. >> it's an old world technique and tradition. i think it was lost for a long time. >> he says it is a game of patience. it can take up to 18 months for meats to cure before they can be eaten because they only make small batches, it tends to cost
4:55 pm
more. >> from measurement go to aging to rotating -- from fermenting and being patient. >> they don't just sell the cured meats. they make them, too. >> and they will teach you from mixing it up. they are bringing the art to the masses. >> it's a place where meat products are prepared and sold, it could mean from a few kinds of sausage up to what we do which a s a bit of everything. it should be preserved and passed along. >> most cured meats are made with pork fat and they are left to age by hang to go dry. some at room temperature. others in refrigerated conditions. like cheese, mold can help define the flavor of the end
4:56 pm
product. >> it's been done for thousands of years. >> it cost $175 per person and are so popular they are sold out through february. everybody has their own reason for taking the class but everyone agrees it's a good time. >> i like to cook and here i am. i'm going to really love salami and sausages ajs. >> i recommend it to anybody. >> salami makers say they welcome the renewed interest and potential competition. >> to me the whole reason was to learn and to do something a little bit different. >> i want to be here to educate people and help people enjoy food. >> reporter: dan ashley, "abc 7 news". >> larry: before we go, one last look at holiday traffic. emeryville traffic, heading up
4:57 pm
to berkeley, getting congested. we see other spots that were much thicker. thanks for joining us for "abc 7 news" at 4:00. i'm larry beil. the alarm clock app is available for android phone. down low load for free at amazon and google play, free alarm clock app is still available. the news begins now with carol and cheryl. >> thanksgiving miracle story out of ucsf how a young man in a coma and two words that his mother has longed to hear. >> sandhya patel, great weather ahead. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> and san francisco 49ers quarterback controversy who will start in sunday's game against the saints. what the team is saying tonight.
4:58 pm
i'm cheryl jennings. happy thanksgiving. >> and i'm carolyn johnson in for dan ashley. we begin with a story with a remarkable recovery. >> let's go to vic lee on young man who was left for dead? >> a young burlingame man is making that remarkable recovery after being shot in the head and in coma for almost a month. today we witnessed what his family calls that miracle. >> he is in the hospital. >> in the early morning hours, henry got the phone call every parent fears. his son benjamin was at san francisco general hospital in critical condition. he is parents saw him wheeled into surgery. >> i wanted to touch him but i couldn't. >> do you remember that? >> he kept repeating.
4:59 pm
>> he was leaving a party and stranger made inappropriate advances toward his girlfriend. man shot benjamin in the head after he went to her defense. at one point. his brain wound was so severe they only gave him 25% chance of living. he was medically induced coma for almost a month. >> but the young man was fighting silently for his life. he was making small and significant victories. four days ago, as they took his breathing tube, he uttered his first words. >> i went in there and i told him to say hi, mom? >> he said himom. >> he was transferred to uc san francisco yesterday. then today another giant step, literally. the young man took

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